Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal

I was prepared for the worst with this book after reading all the scathing reviews, but was still compelled to buy it (with a coupon) & read it. I was a big fan of the Sweet Valley High books, & read the specials but none of the SVU books. I was always an Elizabeth fan & thought Jessica got away w/ too much.
I ended up giving this book 3 stars. I would have given it more if it would have had more of what I wanted. For example, I thought there should have been a bigger “where are they now?” section at the back. I think if the character got a book of their own, or was a frequent recurring character, they should have got a mention at the end. I realize that might be a lot of characters, but 1 or 2 lines would have sufficed. I also could have done without all the flashbacks – although I found the ones with Bruce helpful in understanding the dynamics of the present situation. I have never been a Todd fan. I always thought of him as being a tool. I just never liked him, was glad when he moved away, bummed out when he came back like a bad penny. So needless to say, I am stoked that Elizabeth & he are no longer together. I say let Jessica have him and good riddance. Although….can I just take a minute and say “Ewww!” – going back and forth between two sisters is icky, going back and forth between twin sisters is major icky.

I understand, since it’s a story about twins, that the story can’t focus solely on one of them but for me Elizabeth was my focus. Although I do like that Jessica made the trip on her own to NY in order to make things right with her sister, rather than leaving Elizabeth to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess like she always did in the past.

I really don’t get what other readers meant when they accuse Elizabeth of being too mean in this book. I mean she says how she has a few revenge fantasies because of the big betrayal but nothing psycho given the circumstances. And her big naughty plan…… to bring a hot guy to her grandma’s birthday party to see if Jessica throws herself at him thus proving she’s a big ho. C’mon, seriously? The guy was going to be in the area anyway, she tells people at the party that they’re not dating, she doesn’t do any Jessica-style manipulating & lying to force them in compromising positions. All she does is bring a guy who looks like Jessica’s type to a party to test her and see if she makes a move and jumps him. Ooh, how Machiavellian. It was immature, and not that nice but as revenge plans go………she’s not gonna win any Dr. Evil awards for naughtiness any time soon. And was I the only one who got the giggles when reading that whole grandma’s birthday scene with everybody shushing everybody? I also had a giggle attack when Elizabeth seemed like she was floundering trying to level some insult at Todd and ended up calling him a shithead. Classic. :) I just thought, "You go girl! You unleash your repressed hissy fit!" A shame granny's party got caught in the cross-hairs though. I liked the relationship Elizabeth has with Will – it seemed like she was exorcising Todd, but at the same time it was a healthy friendship and not cheesy. I loved who Elizabeth winds up with. I have been waiting for that for a long time. I know some people were surprised or found it stupid – but I liked it.

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