Sunday, June 5, 2011

Married By Morning by Lisa Kleypas

You know how sometimes you look forward to a book by one of your fav authors because it's about characters that have been in most of the previous books in a series, and you're dying to see what the author finally does with them? And you know how sometimes it's such a letdown because after all the buildup, the characters act in a stupid way, or the story is stupid? Well that did not happen with this book. That is why I LOVE Lisa Kleypas. The quality control she has with her books is just phenomenal.

Leo Ramsay & Catherine Marks have been in a bunch of books in her Hathaway series. By now you feel like you know the characters so well that you have certain expectations about how their story will go. She did not disappoint. Not only is the story/romance great, but the characters are developed even further and you have a greater understanding of them.

Leo & Catherine have been verbally fencing for a few books now. In this book you see what's behind that. I thought the romance was very satisfying and the story involving Mark's mysterious past was good too.

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