Monday, June 6, 2011

Playing with Fire by Francine Pascal, Kate William

This should be a cautionary tale about what happens when you give a young guy too much control.

This was a re-read for me. I remember reading this back in the day. This is the one that Jessica starts dating Bruce. Jessica is too stupid to live in this one (and mean to poor Robin), Liz is an enabler, and Bruce is a total douche. When I 1st read this when I was younger I couldn't believe how badly Bruce treated Jessica - I mean she was one of the most popular girl at school, thin, blonde (*jealousy alert*) but he ended up two-timing her. Now that I'm a mature woman of experience :) I realize that guys who do that are all about playing games and power tripping because they can. The woman they are with could be a rocket scientist, multi-millionaire, swimsuit model and it wouldn't matter - it has nothing to do with the woman.

Funny time-warp moment when one highschooler passes out a TAB. LOL

The best part was when Jessica is made wise to Bruce's naughty goings-on and he gets the pizza in the face/soda over the head/falling in the fake fountain, and general humiliation in front of his classmates. Score!

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