Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lord of Seduction by Paula Quinn

I didn't care for this book. I'm not sure if it's because I just didn't like it or because I felt that the description on the back of the book was deceptive. The description made it sound like it was your typical fluff fun story - overconfident guy with arranged marriage tries to win woman. That wasn't really the way the book was. The guy is a sweetie who knew the heroine years ago when they were kids and they were friends for a short time until they were separated. Fast forward to the present story and he has returned to marry her and seal a peace agreement between governments. They fall for each other pretty quickly - there's no real courting to speak of. The hero is a prince, but one who lives simply and in a small cottage amongst his people. The ending is a little jarring. You can sympathize and understand why the hero does what he does, but.......if I was the heroine I think it would be awhile before I forgave him. I would be interested to read a book about the character Madoc.

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