Monday, June 6, 2011

A Rake's Guide To Pleasure by Victoria Dahl

This is the 2nd book I've read by this author and I really liked this book. The hero - Hart (a Duke) - was quite the rake in his day, until a woman he loved and his father saw to his public humiliation. Now he is known for having a frosty reputation. Enter the heroine. She and the hero meet while she is masquerading as a widowed Lady in an attempt to fleece the nobilty through gambling. She has a sad past. Her mother, father, & baby brother are all dead. The mother and brother she mourns - the father was a worse reprobate than the hero and responsible for her brother dying. The herione (Emma) also has a crazy stalker to get rid of. She justs wants to have enough cash to have a little cottage by the sea to live out her days in peace. The hero throws a wrench into her plans by being intrigued by her and determined to seduce her. I loved the sparks between them & the wordplay between them. Be forewarned - anybody who dislikes graphic sex scenes will not be happy. Apart from anything else, I thought they made sense for the story because of who the main characters were and what their issues were. I loved the ending and I loved how - eventually - Emma & Hart were able to pour out their hearts to each other and discuss their issues (something that I just don't think happens enough of in books/done well). This book and this hero was how I wish the "House of Rohan" books by Anne Stuart were.

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