Sunday, June 5, 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas

A mystery lady is fished out of the water and recovers from her ordeal, complete with amnesia, in the home of a dashingly attractive cop. It appears that the mystery lady is a beautiful courtesan. However not everything is what it appears to be..... I liked this story because I liked having the point of view of both the hero & heroine. It's such an interesting idea - being rescued from near death and having strangers tell you about yourself, even seeing a risque portrait seemingly of yourself, being disconnected from the life you're told you lived, unsure about what to believe. For me, that made the book. And....for anybody who watches old movies - something about this story just made me think of the film "Laura". A beautiful woman supposedly murdered....a cop looking her life, backtracking her last days, falling in love with the myth. I always wanted to get the story from Laura's perspective. For me, this story felt like that. Good stuff. Another great story by Kleypas.

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