Monday, June 6, 2011

The Courtesan's Secret by Claudia Dain

These books are just so completely fab. There are so many characters but the writing is done so well and the characters are so interesting that it never comes off as too crowded. You want to follow the different characters through each story to see what develops with your favorite characters. This story started out with Blakesley pursuing Louisa who was pursuing Dutton (and her pearls) who was pursuing Anne Warren who was seriously contemplating marriage to the much older but totally sweet Lord Staverton. Lord Dutton is a typical rake - he completely expects Anne to fall for him like every other woman. He keeps getting pummeled throughout these books & most times he deserves it. Still.... his & Anne's romance that never was kind of breaks my heart. They share a magical kiss but she is too practical to be seduced by him and settle for the empty promises he can offer her. He kind of slowly deteriorates through the books & I think it's because he can't realize what missing out on Anne cost him but he suffers nonetheless.
The hero - Blakesley has been in love with Louisa for two years. He doggedly follows her and keeps her company as she throws herself at Dutton. Finally, through some meddling by Lady Dalby & some wagers, he gets her to pursue him. For Louisa it's like a switch is flipped. She has had blinders on and focused so intently she never noticed what a hottie her buddy Blakes is. Once they kiss, it's damn the torpedoes & full speed ahead. Very enjoyable & delicious romance.

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