Monday, June 6, 2011

The Pursuit of Marriage by Victoria Alexander

I love the great verbal back and forth between characters. It's something that is a highlight in all of her books. When the author was writing this, she must have been watching the film "Pillow Talk" - the heroine hires out her interior decorating services, she says about a million times how she does not go for the rake type of man, the ending is very similar to the ending of the film - what she does to his drawing room is the same thing Doris Day ended up doing to Rock Hudson's apartment. Lol. One of the main differences, apart from the fact that this story is set way back when, is that the hero in the book is really a good guy who only invented a more dangerous, rakish facade in an effort to appeal to women - while the lothario in the film was a total womanizer who plays nice before falling for Doris Day. This book was loads of fun. Can't wait for books about the heroine's brothers.

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