Monday, June 6, 2011

The Marriage Lesson by Victoria Alexander

This is book 3 from her Effington family series. This was a very funny book the last Alexander book I read. This is part of a kind of mini-series within the bigger series. This book involves a bunch of male friends: Thomas Effington, Pennington, Berkley, & Beaumont. Right now the only one I haven’t read is Beaumont’s book - The Prince's Bride.

This was so silly at times that I thought, “What are they trying to prove to one another?” Marianne – the heroine – is a writer and wants to go off and have adventures rather than marry young. Thomas Effington is looking after her & her sisters while her brother is away. He is supposed to oversee their Season and try and find them husbands. Thomas can be a little dopey at times but Marianne never fails to put him in his place. Marianne’s little “Sex & the City” –esque bit she has published in a little newspaper is funny too. It’s something like “Adventures of a Country Miss”. Very tame but funny tales supposedly “absolutely true” based on her experiences in London. I also liked Thomas’s attempts to give Marianne adventures like the ones in books – very cute, and some giggles.

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