Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Middle School Gets Married by Francine Pascal

I just finished reading The Middle School Gets Married by Francine Pascal - it's a Sweet Valley Twins book. I knew from the description of this book that it would be a hoot and that I would have to read it.
As part of a health-class project, all the students at Sweet Valley Middle School are pairing up into simulated marriages.
 Did you ever have to do that for a class? I never did, but I had friends in high school that took a child care elective and had to do the whole "carry around an egg and treat it like a baby" thing. It all seemed a little silly to me at the time. The spouses are picked by picking names out of a hat. Todd & Lila are together as well as Bruce & Elizabeth, and Jessica & Rick Hunter. Jessica realizes what it's like being Elizabeth because she is forced to be the responsible one in the marriage because Rick is even more irresponsible than she is (if that can be believed). Elizabeth also gets a taste of how she might come off sounding to Jessica because after an afternoon of male bonding w/ her dad, Bruce is all Super Family man and is even more of a perfectionist & control freak than she is. Many eggs died a horrible death during the course of this book. Very cute, very funny.

It looked as though Mr. Cool was back. Thank goodness, Elizabeth thought.
"So listen," Bruce said, trying hard to keep his voice casual. "This husband and fatherhood thing was cool and all, but I'm afraid it's time to go back to my bachelor ways."
"OK," Elizabeth said agreeably.
He studied her for a moment. "But, uh, even though we're not married anymore, remember what I said. OK?"
"About what?"
"Calcium and iron," he answered.

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