Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lady in Question by Victoria Alexander

This is book 7 in her “Effington Family” series. I think this author must love old movies. Her one book kind of had an homage to the film Pillow Talk at the ending. In this book, I am reminded of the Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant film Charade. At the start of the book when we first meet the heroine (Delia) – she is a widow of a few months, but she was only married four days. We also learn right away that, unbeknownst to Delia, her husband was an English spy. Delia was the twin who never had to be watched, always did what people expected of her. When Charles (her future husband & spy) met her he swept her off her feet. His mission just involved getting close enough to ferret out info about her powerful family, but he ended up falling in love with her & marrying her. He dies at the opening of the book. Enter Anthony St. Stephens (also an English spy). He is dispatched to find anything Charles may have left behind, what if any was his wife’s involvement, and sort out the murky circumstances of Charles’s death. He and his fellow spies infiltrate Charles’s house (now Delia’s) under the disguise and pretense of being household staff. Anthony is in the disguise of an elderly butler. Delia befriends him and they play games and she confides in him. He, of course, falls for her. He begins to court her as himself. Wonderfully funny & wonderfully romantic.

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