Monday, June 6, 2011

Reckless by Anne Stuart

I think Adrian from Reckless might be the most likable hero in this series (not counting secondary heroes - the secondary heroes always seem to be nicer in this series for some reason). These books have interesting stories but I always think they're more about erotic fantasy than anything else. In this book, the heroine is 30 (gasp!) and has always been secretly hot for the hero. She accompanies her naughty cousin Lina to a house party where there will be orgies and all kinds of goings-on. She manages to meet up w/ the object of her lust by chance and the rest is history. So far this was my fav in the series. And I love the heroine's quote to the hero near the end:
"I'm smart, I'm talented, I'm essentially kindhearted and I'm not a complete antidote. I shouldn't have to settle for the kind of cold-blooded union you're suggesting. It's so kind of you to condescend to offer for me, but you can take your proposal, if that's what it was, and stuff it up your bum. I'm worth more, I deserve better, and I'm not settling for someone like you."

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