Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seducing the Moon by Sherrill Quinn

I thought the 1st book in this series was way better. I think the main reason I disliked this book was because of the heroine. The hero (Declan) & the heroine (Pel) have a bad history. He hurt her years ago, still loves her, but she won’t forgive him. The wrong he did her only involved exposing the criminal activities of a close family member of hers. Unfortunately the spotlight was turned on her and she was temporarily arrested because the family member used her, without her knowledge, in his criminal activities. For that – not for something like infidelity or unforgivable sin he committed – she verbally castrates Declan every chance she gets. She ignores all his apologies, explanations, and declarations of love. When she finds out that he’s a werewolf (which he became a mere 4 mos. before the time of this story) she yells at him for not telling her right away. Gee, I wonder why he felt the need to withhold that little gem seeing as how she was so forgiving and understanding about everything else.

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