Tuesday, June 14, 2011

His Christmas Pleasure by Cathy Maxwell

There some very involved relationships here. The heroine lusts after Sherwin who ends up getting engaged to Abby's cousin. He's really quite the worm - he & Abby would meet and had quite the little undercover (though entirely chaste) romance, but he won't run away w/ her and marry her to prevent her from an unwanted arranged marriage. And then gets engaged to her cousin. Jerk. Andres - our hero - overhears this and proposes to Abby himself. He's totally up front about needing to marry money. He's a total sweety, very kind, charming, hot guy from Spain. I loved both main characters. I love how they both supported each other even when times were tough and things didn't turn out exactly as they planned. Abby wasn't a whiner & Andres is so good to Abby and even when things don't work out for him, he never takes it out on her and says cruel things - as commonly happens in some novels under similar circumstances. All in all very good book. The ending is very good.

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