Thursday, June 20, 2013

Night's Mistress by Amanda Ashley

The heroine in this story, Mara, first appeared in the book Night’s Kiss. Mara is an ancient vampire; much sought after by attractive men and vampire hunters – albeit for different reasons. At the start of this story, she is in a melancholy mood. She’s been on the earth for a very long time, loved and lost, seen friends start families, and the end of her last romance hit her pretty hard. Her last romance was with a human man named Kyle. He was an artist and she fancied herself very much in love. However, when he discovered what she really was, he was repulsed and horrified. She took off to lick her emotional wounds. It’s during this time that two major things happen in her undead life – she starts to turn mortal and she runs into a former flame now going by the name of Logan Blackwood. Not only does Mara want to stay a vampire, but if word gets out to her vampire enemies that she’s mortal & therefore vulnerable, she is in extreme danger. Logan is a vampire, whom Mara turned a few hundred years ago. It is something he doesn’t resent her for. They had a hot love affair until Mara left, worrying she was getting too close. Now the tables have switched – Mara is weaker and Logan is in the role of looking after her. She finds out the miraculous fact that she got pregnant by Kyle. This is the heart of the story – who should Mara choose, her human ex-lover & father of her child who spurned her when he first learned what she is or Logan the vampire who has loved her for hundreds of years  no matter human or vampire. For me it would be an easy choice. After all, besides being wealthy & Greek god sexy, Logan takes care of her for months before her ex-love turns up on the scene again. My only nitpicks about this book is that I feel like the author’s personal stance on certain social issues was really put out there. Also, I disliked a choice Mara made toward the end of the book. However, everything righted itself by the end and these things didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the book. I look forward to more books in this series and more books in general by this author.

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