Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bedding The Wrong Brother by Virna DePaul

This was a very sexy tale of love and longing. Rhys and Max Dalton are twins and superstar magicians. Melina Parker is a professor and entomologist. Melina and the Dalton twins grew up together and remained friends throughout the years. During those early years Melina fell for Rhys and he likewise fell for her. The problem is that they never let each other know how they felt. For her part, Melina felt geeky, awkward, and way out of their league. At the opening of the story she has very low sexual self-confidence due to some jerk ex-boyfriends. After talking with her girlfriends, she decides to ask Max for some sexual tutoring so she can figure out how to be a better lover and attract a mate. He reluctantly agrees. She trusts Max and her heart isn't in danger from him like it would be with Rhys. However....both Rhys and Melina never imagine how Max plans to play cupid. The two soon wind up in each other's arms and things continue to heat up from there. I enjoyed this romance and liked the fact that Rhys had also secretly had a crush on Melina like she did on him. I was satisfied with how things ended up. I look forward to stories about Melina's friends.

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