Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jaguar Fever by Terry Spear

I got this as an ARC from the author.

This is Book 2 in this author's "Heart of the Jaguar" series. This book is a good example of how you can have a great paranormal romance full of sexy, strong Alpha-males without having them be jerks. The main male characters in this story are paramilitary jaguar shifters but they never use their physical strength to manipulate the female characters. They appreciate that strong women are just a fact of life and often work side by side battling the bad guys in some very physical situations. Wade (hero) and Maya (heroine) are both jaguar shifters. They know of each other from the events of the previous book, but come face-to-face for the first time in this book. It is attraction at first sight. Wade had been under the mistaken impression that Maya and Kat were both Connor Anderson's mates. In reality, as Wade quickly found out in this book, Maya is Connor's sister & only Kat is Connor's mate. Sibling relationships seem to be a focus in this book - Maya and Connor, Wade and David, among others. The importance of family is looked at in this story in addition to the action & suspense. Wade is looking for some permanence and a mate. Maya is looking for some fun and love but is hesitant and very cautious about jumping into a commitment because of the relationship between her mother and father. In addition to seducing her physically, Wade tries to lure Maya into believing in "forever". The main characters who made up the "good guys" interacted in a fun way. The romance was sexy and the respect and caring shown by Wade and Maya for each other was sweet and nice to see. Again, I loved how strong the female characters were & how they weren't afraid to play an active role in the action involved with trying to nab the bad guys. I liked meeting the new characters introduced in this book and look forward to the next book in this series and other books by this author.

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