Saturday, June 15, 2013

A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

ARC copy gotten from the author.

This is Book 12 in the author's "Heart of the Wolf" series. I loved this book! I have been looking forward to Anna & Bjornolf's book since reading about their first meeting in A SEAL In Wolf's Clothing. I loved the idea of a romance between these two because they are so evenly matched. Bjornolf has "ghosted" various paramilitary teams and field operations. Like Bjornolf, Anna is a highly skilled operative. There were definitley sparks back when they first met. They meet up again when, at the opening of the book, Bjornolf is found to be "ghosting" a team that Anna is on down in the Amazon jungle. Her team, led by fellow wolf shifter Hunter Greymere, is on a mission to recover a kidnapped family. I was happy that this book revisited the characters from To Tempt the Wolf because they were some of my favorite from the series. It's while on this mission that Hunter tells Bjornolf of another mission that he would like both he and Anna to be directly involved in. Hunter got word that the scent of some dead wolf bodies turned up at a Christmas tree farm. He wants Anna & Bjornolf to go undercover posing as newlyweds (as well as aunt and uncle to the teen werewolf who discovered the scent) to investigate. Bjornolf is familiar with Nathan because he had previously brought back the teen after he ran away. Anna is hesitant about handling a teenager underfoot. Her doubts prove to be groundless. Both teens in this story, Nathan & Jessica both come to care and respect Anna. She also surprises herself by how she's able to relate to their situations, drawing on her past experiences. She soon comes to care for them both as well. The interaction between the three of them was very sweet at times. Besides the sinister things going on at the Christmas tree farm, Bjornolf makes it his personal mission to discover why Christmas leaves Anna cold. Several things make this a satisfying paranormal romance: the mystery, humor, the characters, and the sexy love story. The mystery kept me interested and the resolution made sense. I look forward to the next book in the series! I also look forward to revisting the characters in this pack again in a future book. I'm hoping for Rourke to get his own book.

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