Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Cowboy's Pride by Pamela Britton

I loved this book! I usually enjoy books with a scarred hero (whether mental or physical). I find it interesting to read about the character’s struggles as well as personal victories. Physical therapist Alana McClintock first meets rodeo star Trent Anderson when he arrives at New Horizons Ranch to recuperate after receiving an injury that left him paralyzed from mid-thigh downward. When first arriving, Trent is stubborn, grouchy, and a little bitter about his situation. However, he is in good hands with Alana. She finds him exasperating at first as well as very attractive – much to her dismay. I loved the gradual building of a friendship and romance. I thought all the characters had depth and were genuine. For me, this was the right blend of good story, characters, sweet moments, and sexiness. I liked that Trent and Alana were able to bond over both having lost a loved one and experiencing survivor’s guilt. I found the ending satisfying. I very much look forward to the next book, which I believe comes out in November, involving two characters from this story.

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