Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die by Edith Maxwell

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this mystery at first because of how intense the supporting characters were about eating local. Almost immediately, however, the main female character seemed to be more low key and easier to relate to. She is committed to working her farm and going totally organic, but she is not as religious about only eating or drinking locally grown/made products herself. She respects the passion of others but is more like everybody else. The main character, Cameron, “Cam”, Flaherty has taken over her great-uncle’s farm and is committed to it being totally organic, not using chemicals on the produce. At the opening of the book, she has to fire her handyman for going against her orders and farm policy. He doesn’t take it well. He is soon found murdered on Cam’s farm with a pitchfork through him. I really enjoyed this mystery the more I read it. Cam is a likable character and easy to relate to. The members of the locavore club were interesting suspects and supporting characters. I liked the romantic interest for Cam. I hope that angle keeps going through future books. I liked the friendship Cam had in the book with Lucinda & Ruthie, as well as the mentor role she had with Ellie. I look forward to seeing all of them in future books. The mystery kept me interested until the very end. I found the issues brought up in this book regarding immigration and guns to be very relevant. I found the plant info scattered through the book to be interesting as well. Great mystery & I look forward to future books in this series!

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