Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

This story takes place in a world where vampires and humans co-exist and are aware of each other. It is possible for a human to go through a "transformation" and be changed into a vampire. These transformations are performed by certain vampires called "adjuvants". I feel like this story was part paranormal romance/part gritty detective story. This is a good story for paranormal fans who like "world-building". There is a glossary of terms under the book's description on, which I believe the author provided, that might prove helpful for some readers. The gist of the main conflict is that there are some sinister things going on. Some vampires want to put the blame on humans but the heroine of this story, Valerie Craig, believes it's the work of vampires. Through her work at the Vampire Liaison Office, she is thrown together with vampire prince and adjuvant Kade Rollins. For good reasons, he hates humans as much as Valerie hates vampires - but they are forced to work together to track down the bad guys. This was a sexy story with a hero who has a badass exterior but a marshmallow center when it comes to the woman he loves. I look forward to more books in this series with Ian, and maybe a love match that seems hinted between Ezra & Alice.

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