Saturday, June 8, 2013

It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis

This is Book 8 in this author's "Lucky Harbor" series. Since I love mysteries and I love Jill Shalvis books, I was happy that this book was both. This was a great romance with a little thrown in.
At the opening of this book, Ali Winters has a nice life - a job she enjoys working at the local floral shop, a charming boyfriend, a place to stay, and she's able to teach classes to the seniors she has a soft spot for. However, only a few pages in and she has about a million more sources of stress than she did. Her boss at the floral shop is looking to make a move, her boyfriend turns out to be a cheating swine thus leaving her single and without a place to stay all at once, AND a theft makes her suspect # 1. She comes into the orbit of Luke Hanover because it was his place that her boyfriend was renting and she was living at. Luke is back in his hometown of Lucky Harbor to hide/relax after a high profile case he was involved in went south and became a major headache as well as source of guilty feelings. Luke is no stranger to feelings of guilt. He also harbors guilt, whether misplaced or not, for his grandma's death and his sister's troubled past. One thing that Ali & Luke both have in common is that they are both mired down with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I liked Ali and felt she was a very real female character. This was another great book in this series. The romance was sexy & the characters were well-developed and enjoyable. Loved the antics of the seniors and their protective feelings toward Ali. Very cute. Looking forward to Jack's book.

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