Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell

DA Vanessa MacGregor goes to Hawaii to help plan her best friend’s wedding while the bride-to-be & her future groom can’t be there themselves. She’ll be working with the friend’s MMA fighter brother who lives there. Vanessa and Jax get off on the wrong foot when they first meet at the start of the book. I admit that at first, I disliked Jax for the same reasons Vanessa did. She’s very organized and focused and he arrives late and has a super lackadaisical attitude while trying to be cute. Predictably, their two personalities clash at first. Vanessa finds Jax sexy but annoying. Jax finds Vanessa a little too uptight but hot and he likes that she is feisty and responds differently to him than most women. As a way to spend more time with her, Jax concocts a scheme in which he gets Vanessa to believe that the two of them have to pretend to be the engaged couple while working with the wedding planner and staying in the same hotel room. While I didn’t care for Jax at first, he grew on me over the course of the story and I saw his sexiness, and liked his attitude toward Vanessa and the respect and care he shows her. In a sense I, as the reader, was seduced by him along with Vanessa. I really enjoyed this story and watching their relationship grow over the few days they are together. This was a very sexy, very erotic story. The only that left me hanging was the unresolved issue of Vanessa’s sister at the end.

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