Monday, April 29, 2013

Gone With The Wolf by Kristin Miller

This book was a good example of the type of paranormal romance I love in which the hero chases the heroine. When Drake Wilder & Emelia Hudson first meet at the opening of the story, neither of them are aware of whom the other person actually is. Emelia has no idea that he is the much hated CEO who is threatening her bar’s ownership. He has no idea that she is the person who has been bombarding his company with emails. They have a nice interlude with both of them feeling the chemistry.  Drake soon realizes that Emelia is his chosen mate. Their involvement is difficult for both of them for a few reasons. He’s a werewolf and she’s human. She’s also extremely committed to saving & keeping her bar – something that Drake has a little difficulty understand. He has trouble understanding what value it could possibly have for her since it’s not profitable. There is also the problem of Drake’s evil brother stalking Emelia. Drake’s father left a will saying that whichever brother found and mated his true mate first would get and rule the pack while the other brother got the wealth from the father’s side. Drake’s brother wants the power of ruling the pack at all costs, so he is a force trying to keep Drake & Emelia apart. Drake definitely grew on me after rescuing Emelia so many times and showing her his true self. This was a very sexy, action-packed story & I would be interested to read other books by this author and in this series.

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