Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Darkness Avenged by Alexandra Ivy

For me, this book was in large part sexy paranormal romance but tiny part buddy movie. After the recent events of the last book, the vampire Santiago and legendary vampire clan chief Nefri are left with some sexual frustration and a longing for each other. The reason I compared this romance to a buddy movie is because Santiago & Nefri are both sent by respective groups with the same general mission – to get information out of the rogue vampire and ultimate evil henchman Gaius. While their overall mission may be the same, their style is a little different so it was fun to watch the sparks fly. Santiago is a fiery, passionate former brawler. Nefri is powerful but for years has tried to have her personal desires on lockdown in a quest for peace. I enjoyed the back and forth between the two and the sizzle factor. While Santiago is a sexy, strong alpha male, he treated Nefri with respect and was very seductive. I liked that they worked together even though it wasn’t easy at times. I enjoyed seeing another glimpse into the Levet/Yannah relationship. I would like to see them get together and things work out for them. I also really enjoyed the secondary romance between Roke and Sally. I can’t wait for their book. After reading the last book, I wasn’t expecting Sally to become more of a major character and get more of a backstory but I became interested in her character while reading this book. I liked how the author had things develop between Roke & Sally. It looks like Roke will be another sexy hero in this series.

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