Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Highland Werewolf Wedding by Terry Spear

Years ago, Elaine Hawthorn & Cearnach MacNeill briefly encountered each other during a very turbulent time in Elaine’s life. Years later, whether by luck or fate, they are thrown together again. Elaine traveled from her home base of Florida to Scotland in search of family treasure. At the same time, Cearnach is on his way to a friend’s wedding, to many people’s displeasure – including his own, out of a show of support. Their paths collide on a rain swept road and their lives are forever changed. For me, rather than a treasure hunt, this story was about Elaine and her personal journey to find answers about her family. One of the things I like about this series is that the heroines are all so different. They all have a lot of inner strength, even if it comes as a surprise to them. However, because of their varied personalities the paths they take to discover their strength are very different. I enjoyed this romance a lot. I found Elaine & Cearnach both very likable and the romance was very sexy and sweet at the same time. I liked that their romance wasn’t drowned out by all of the family members and family issues. I would love to read more stories in this series in this setting. Maybe a story for Calla or Guthrie?

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