Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson

This is Book 2 in this author’s “Oklahoma Nights” series. Emma Hart met pro bull rider Jace in the previous book. They meet up again in this book and we finally find out exactly what did or didn’t happen when they first met. They are both likable characters so I was happy about the possibility of the two characters involved romantically. However, after reading this book, I am glad Emma and Logan wound up together. At the opening of this book, Emma and Logan Hunt meet when everybody is gathering for Becca (Emma’s sister) and Tucker’s wedding. Logan is Tucker’s commanding officer and friend. As soon as Emma and Logan see each other, there is a mutual physical attraction. There are only two minor obstacles to their efforts to be alone – Tucker’s younger sister who is making Logan uncomfortable with her infatuation, and Jace’s half-hearted pursuit of Emma. I loved the flirting and sexy scenes between Emma and Logan. I also liked how they found they liked each other as people as well as being attracted sexually. They are very well-matched. After the wedding, due to a misunderstanding, neither of them have the other’s contact info. It’s about three weeks after the wedding that Emma discovers she is pregnant. It would have eased her mind a little if she knew what frame of mind he was in. Logan was a man looking to nest. She returns to Oklahoma and before she lets him know about the pregnancy they get to know each other even more when she picks up the slack and help him with his family’s country western store. Logan’s dad used to run it but he hasn’t been able to due to his health. I enjoyed the cozy scenes while they were working together. I was happy with how things worked out in the end and with Logan’s reaction to Emma’s pregnancy. I look forward to reading more books in this series.

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