Monday, September 16, 2013

Big Sky Wedding by Linda Lael Miller

This is Book 5 in this author’s “Parable, Montana” series, but it’s only the first full-length book I’ve read by this author. After reading it, I’m interested in reading previous books but I was able to enjoy it anyway without having read them. Zane Sutton is a major movie star, but lately celebrity has not been enough. He feels like, at his age, he needs to put down roots and start acting like a grown-up. When he shows up in Montana, his first impromptu encounter with Brylee Parrish does not go so well. Brylee had some erroneous assumptions about Zane based on his movie star status. I like that, in spite of how harsh she approached him, Zane doesn’t act like a jerk and rub it in too badly when she realizes she was wrong. I liked that Zane and Brylee had so much in common – their love of riding horses, both being dog people, both wanting to start a family, and both being unlucky in love. He had a gold digging ex-wife in his past, and she was left at the altar.   I enjoyed watching Zane and Brylee’s attraction and relationship grow. I thought the side storyline with Zane’s kid brother Nash was interesting. It was sweet seeing Zane in the big brother/substitute father role. I look forward to reading more books by this author and other books in this series.  

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