Monday, September 16, 2013

One Night in the Spa by Kathy Lyons

Kim Castillo is the manager for John’s Fitness. Her best friend, David, is the manager of the spa next door. You find out right at the beginning of the story that Kim and David each have a serious problem. Kim is going through some physical changes and her hormones are all out of whack. David has a deep, dark secret. Although he has been friends with Kim for a few years, she doesn’t know the real reason he originally befriended her. He had a little corporate espionage in mind. You find out that it’s not as sinister as it sounds. However, the thing that makes David’s secret such a betrayal is that he kept the secret for so long. That fact would put him in the category of irredeemable jerk in my book, if not for his suffering over the years. You get his POV in the story and see how he fell hard for Kim and how keeping his secret along with never expressing his feelings for her has been penance enough. His longing and devotion really come through in the story. The moment when they finally come together physically, and the HEA that comes later are very satisfying and make the story worth reading.

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