Monday, August 5, 2013

Talking Dirty With the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

Christie St. John and Joseph Ashton first connect in a very unusual way. At least, it's inusual that good relationship ended up blossoming from the way they first met. They first connected when Christie was playing her favorite zombie game on the computer, got bored and joined in on some online chat. She, as "Naughtygirl25", casually chatted with somebody called "Studman500". Joseph noticed that one of his employees had a chat window open and decided to investigate. They were both amused and charmed. I liked the chemistry between the hero & heroine. It was very hot. I also loved how it turned out that they were both kind of tech geeks. I found both of them to be very three dimensional and I really ended up caring about what happened to the characters. I liked that Joseph stuck up for her in front of her horrid family. They were just so awful to her. Joseph's issue toward the end of the book was sort of a surprise but I was happy with how things got resolved. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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