Monday, August 12, 2013

Prince of Secrets by Lucy Monroe

This is Book 2 in the “By His Royal Decree” series. Prince Demyan Zaretsky’s birth parents basically gave away their parental rights and responsibilities to Demyan’s aunt and uncle – King Fedir and Queen Oxana – in hopes of some kind of political leverage. It worked out for the best because he was raised as a prince, and Fedir and Oxana couldn’t love him more. Now that Fedir’s biological son is newly married, he recruits Demyan for some sneaky business. To protect national business interests, Fedir asks Demyan to seduce and marry Chanel Tanner. Failure to do so might mean financial ruin for the country. In spite of the shadiness of his assignment, I loved Demyan. He was very alpha and sexy, but so sweet with Chanel. He is attracted and charmed by her almost as soon as he meets the geeky scientist. Part of what makes Chanel fall for him is that he plans outings with her personality in mind. The gifts he gives her are tailored toward her preferences. That is important to her because she’s always felt inadequate by comments from her mother and step-father. Any gifts from them were geared toward molding her in a certain way they wanted. I liked a lot of things about this story. I liked that Demyan fell for Chanel and was determined to do right by her almost from the beginning. I also liked that that had some things in common; like that they both had issues with parents but had strong sibling relationships. I was happy with Queen Oxana’s appearance and contribution to the story – instructing Demyan to only say “I love you” if he meant it. As in the previous story, she imparts wisdom with kindness and grace. It would be nice to see her find love, in addition to the love she already has with her children. Another great, sexy romance by this author.

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