Monday, August 26, 2013

Cowboy Justice by Melissa Cutler

This is Book 2 in the author’s “Catcher Creek” series. I have anxiously awaited this book since finishing Book 1. It was obvious while reading the first book that Rachel Sorentino and Sheriff Vaughn Cooper have a past together. It doesn’t seem to be something friends and family are aware of, but it haunts them. About a year or so ago Rachel and Vaughn had a torrid 4 week affair. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal except there is a lot of guilt associated with it for the both of them. Rachel feels guilty because the night her bipolar mom overdosed, Rachel had left her alone to be with Vaughn. For his part, Vaughn feels like it was unethical to have been intimate with Rachel because, at the time, he was investigating her father’s death. Now, in a seemingly cruel twist of fate, they find themselves in a similar situation. They feel unable to be involved because Vaughn is investigating a crime involving Rachel. At the opening of this story, Rachel finds herself in a spot of trouble. There has been some nasty vandalism done around her ranch which, up until now, she just marked down to locals disgruntled about the re-vamped ranch attracting tourists. Rachel figures it’s her responsibility to handle things herself without worrying her sisters or anyone else. What she doesn’t figure is getting shot at. Unfortunately, one of the men she shoots back at and injures is the son of a powerful police chief’s son.

In spite of some heavy bits of drama at times, there are light bits and moments of humor as well. The romance had some fab romantic tension and longing coupled with some very hot scenes. What really made it for me with this book, were the three-dimensional, well-written characters. I loved the hero & heroine but I also cared about the supporting characters as well. There was no “filler” in this book. Everything leading up to the nail-biting end had a wonderful momentum. I had to read this book through in one sitting. Excellent read and I very much look forward to the next book in this series.

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