Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Caught By Menace by Lolita Lopez

This is Book 2 in the author’s “Grabbed” series. This book was a little sci-fi mixed with romance. I don’t normally enjoy that in a story but the story was interesting and the relationship between the hero & heroine took precedence. Warriors from the planet Harcos Prime police the solar system in exchange for natural resources including women. There is a “Grab” every quarter – women picked from a town or village run and the warriors race to catch them and claim them as mates. Naya has no desire to be caught by a warrior – even if it might mean a change for the better. However, when her friend Jennie’s name is picked in a lottery and chosen to run in an upcoming Grab, she takes steps to be there to help her friend. For a woman who was abandoned and betrayed from a young age, Naya takes a great risk out of loyalty to a friend. Of course she winds up grabbed by Menace. Sparks fly right away. Naya finds him attractive but the rumors she has heard about the Harcos warriors make her wary. It’s not long before he wins her over with his patience and gentle tone. The sex scenes in this book involve light bondage, voyeurism, and a light & brief M/F/M episode. I don’t normally read books with this type of erotic fantasy but found it palatable. Everything that happens sexually is consensual. The men, while strong and in control in many ways, treat their women with respect and do whatever they have to in order to fulfill their mate’s fantasies. Menace and his friend and fellow soldier Vicious (his story was Book 1) obviously love their mates and are very sweet with them at times. I would have been instantly turned off if the men were in any way abusive - luckily that was never the case. This story kept me interested throughout. The only thing that was a little over the top for me was the sex club. I would be interested in reading more books in this series. I am most interested in reading a book about Hazard and Dankirk (even though Dankirk isn’t a Harcos warrior).

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