Monday, June 11, 2012

Forever A Lady by Delilah Marvelle

For some reason, as I was reading this book, I felt as though the book description gave me the wrong impression.

For about 70% of the book (or so my Kindle tells me) everything was very "Gangs of New York". Not a traditional romance at all. You meet the hero first and he is such a tender-hearted, yet strong character. I loved the hero. I felt more sympathetic to the hero right away, while I just couldn't relate to the heroine at all and she came off as being a little cold. The hero was very upfront w/ the heroine right away, letting her know he was seriously into her and wanted a serious comittment with her. This was understandable given his background and yet her sense of panic was a little understandable given her background.

There was a little sub-story near the end about a child killer on the loose & I thought that would be a major plot point, tie in with the characters, and maybe be resolved at the end but nothing comes of it.

I gave it the 3 stars because I did find it very engrossing and couldn't stop reading it.

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