Monday, June 11, 2012

Blazing Midsummer Nights by Leslie Kelly

Mimi works hard at her job in her father's company in hopes that he will recognize her hard work and eventually give her the company. Her father is a chauvanist. Rather than promote her or assure her that she'll inherit the company from him when he retires - he tries to hook her up with one of his golden boy executives. Mimi thinks he's ok, but there is no spark with him. However, when firefighter Xander moves in the apartment next to hers - they have sparks and generate heat from first sight. Xander is very sexy, & very sweet. He gives Mimi everything she really needs in a partner. The main conflict in the story was how/when Mimi would tell her father that Xander was the man she was dating and actually interested in. The story was cute & very sexy. The supporting characters were fun and lended interest to the story. Another great story by Leslie Kelly!

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