Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Desire The Night by Amanda Ashley

Kiya (a werewolf & daughter of an Alpha werewolf) first meets Gideon – the vampire hero – while they are both captives of the witch Verah. I liked how they both worked together to free themselves. The beginning of the romance is very flirty and like a fantasy for Kiya – the strong, sexy, wealthy vampire devoting all his time and attention on her and taking them to different places. After that, it’s all about being on the run from their enemies – Verah, Kiya’s restrictive and possessive father, & her evil arranged fiancé. I enjoyed how the setup was a little different from the author’s normal setting and characters. I liked that Kiya, being a werewolf, was on equal footing with Gideon, and that Gideon saw her as an equal and respected that and let her fight her own battles. Although I did not like when Kiya was captured and made to submit by her enemy, I did like that in the end she was the one to face him in a fair fight and avenge herself. Gideon helped at the right times and backed his woman up but didn’t demand to be in charge of every situation, in spite of being a strong Alpha male character. So many times, an Alpha hero will try and run roughshod over the heroine and impose his will and have things done his way. I loved that this was not the case with Gideon. He left most of the important decisions at the end of the book up to Kiya. I would very much enjoy seeing this author write more books about heroes and heroines who are both paranormal from the start of the story and being equal.

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