Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fear The Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Caine sees himself as protector for the prophet Cassandra. It’s obvious from the start of the book how into Cassie Caine is. Cassie is equally as smitten but Caine holds her off for a little while, wanting to wait to take their relationship further until Cassie is out of the present danger and is able to have a clear head. The teasing and flirting is enjoyable. When the two finally do get together, they go up in flames. It’s nice seeing Cassie try to protect Caine even though he thinks that he is the only protector. The Dark Lord, whether as the voice coming out of the witch & minion Sally or in the solid blonde teenager form, is particularly nasty in this book and even though I disliked Gaius, I can understand a little bit why he made the deal with him. The Dark Lord wants to capture and use Cassandra to see his future and anticipate any attacks. It was good to see the bad guys/girls get what they deserve. It was nice to see familiar characters from past books like Styx, Levet, Viper, Dante, etc.  I can’t wait to see how Levet’s story with Yannah plays out in the future. I love how characters from all of the previous books were littered throughout this book and were shown working together to defeat the Dark Lord. The battle royale at the end was very cool. For future books I’m most anxious to read about Santiago and Nefri, as well as the vampire Roke. Nefri interests me because of her part in previous books by this author. I’m not really that interested in a book with Gaius as a hero because after the disregard and disrespect he showed toward women in this book, it would take a miracle to redeem his character.

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