Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch


This is Book 1 in this author's "Entwined Realms" series. The heroine in this story is a human while the hero is a gargoyle. Part of me couldn't help but picture the gargoyles from the old cartoon while reading this. The gargoyle on the cover of this book, however, is much more attractive. In addition to the paranormal romance, there were also strong fantasy/action elements. I'm not usually a big fan of stories with a lot of fantasy/action, but I enjoyed this story and it kept me interested throughout. The gargoyle hero, Terak, was watching Larissa because of some hazy prophecy. I liked how their relationship slowly evolved. Terak was a strong alpha leader but was very sweet to Larissa and always treated her with respect. I liked that the heroine was practical and was able to realize that some stuff she could handle on her own, but that she needed help from others in some circumstances. This story also had me interested in the secondary characters like the mysterious mercenary Merc, Larissa's best bud Olivia, and others. I loved what a strong female character Fallon was. She seemed like a super cool ninja warrior right out of an anime. And what about Reign's obsession with Fallon? Is it blood lust or just regular lust? I look forward to next book in this series to see what happens with some of these characters.

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