Monday, July 8, 2013

Fangs For Nothing by Erin McCarthy & Kathy Love

This was a very fun light summer read. There are two main romances in this book: Johnny & Lizette, and Drake & Josie. Johnny, Drake, and Lizette are all vampires and Josie is a human. I preferred Drake & Josie’s story just because Johnny wasn’t really my type. To his credit, what you see is what you get with Johnny. I also appreciated the fact that he was aware of his personality flaws like his irresponsibility and impulsiveness. That he realizes those things about himself and that by the end of the book he desires to work on himself a bit show his gradual slide toward maturity. It’s also fair to say that Lizette could probably use somebody like him in her life to help balance her out since she’s been so serious, so focused, for so long. Drake & Josie’s story was a little more interesting to me because I liked Drake more, but also because I felt like they were working as a team to try and unravel a mystery. I thought the interactions between the two of them through the story were sweet, sexy, and funny. I enjoyed reading the bits in which the couples found out details about the previous evening from other characters along the way. I was able to get funny visuals in my mind. Overall, a funny vampire mystery romp & great for some summer light reading.

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