Monday, May 20, 2013

Wrong Man, Right Kiss by Red Garnier

At a masquerade ball, Molly Devaney shares a very hot kiss and a steamy encounter with some masked man she believes to be Garrett Gage. She then believes that they were meant to be together, but has not yet revealed himself to be her masked man. Molly and her sister Kate were orphans at a young age and came to live with the wealthy Gage family. As soon as Molly and the younger Gage son Julian first met when she was 3 and he was six, they have felt a connection. I love the anecdote about the time when Molly first met Julian and she took her lollipop out of her mouth when she was little and handed it to Julian and he popped it in his. So cute.  Julian and Molly turn into best friends. The frustrating thing for them, particularly Julian, is that his family kept trying to condition the two of them that they must never have a romantic relationship. Another moving anecdote is when Molly wanted to take Julian to the prom and the family told her that she must always think of him only as a brother and she broke down in tears. It’s baffling that the family didn’t just let nature take its course. A lot of headaches, as well as a lot of pain for Julian and Molly could have been saved if the family hadn’t interfered. Like I said, I think the worst thing the family did, even though they thought it was for the right reasons, was not just that they tried to keep the two apart but the way they tried to condition them and buck their natural instincts. A little unnecessarily cruel to my way of thinking.

Anyway, the story starts out with Molly hoping to get Julian to help her win his brother Garrett. The plan is to pretend they are a couple, thus inciting Garrett’s jealousy and making him fall for Molly. Julian is at first happy to help, if not a little surprised by Molly’s interest in his brother. However, it doesn’t take long for him to get in touch with his true feelings for Molly, feelings he’s been made to bury all these years. The scenes between Julian and Molly were at times funny, moving, intense, and very sexy. I look forward to reading more by this author and catching the story of Molly’s sister Kate.

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