Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Baby Between Friends by Kathie Denosky

Because of a sexual trauma years ago, Summer Patterson is not anxious to have an intimate relationship with a man any time soon. However, she does want a baby. Her plan is to ask her best friend, Texas hottie Ryder, to be a sperm donor. The request takes Ryder very much by surprise. Though friends, he has found himself more and more attracted to Summer. Without being aware of her past hurt, one of the conditions he throws in is that they make a baby the old-fashioned way. This freaks Summer out a little but she thinks it’s a small price to pay for what she wants. She also really trusts Ryder and feels as though agreeing with this condition might help her with her intimacy issues. Ryder totally expected her to be turned off by his condition so he’s dumbfounded by her agreement. After learning a little about her past, he takes it back but she tells him how she thinks it might help. Ryder has his own issues from his past that prove challenging to making a relationship work. I liked this romance because I liked and cared about the main characters. There were moments that were slightly awkward, sweet, sexy, and frustrating but I kept reading see what happened with the characters. I was happy with the way things worked out and how Summer & Ryder resolved their personal issues. I read a previous book in this series and look forward to reading about the other guys in this group.

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