Thursday, May 2, 2013

When Honey Got Married by Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter, Ally Blake

I tend to stay away from frame stories. I just never trust that separate stories by different authors will all be good and have a natural flow. This story sounded interesting so I took a chance. This was a fabulous anthology. I loved them all. There were no dud stories and they all seemed to complement each other. They were all sexy & romantic. The stories are all framed by the upcoming wedding of Honey & Brent and everything takes place leading up to the big wedding day.
The first story, by Kimberly Lang, involves Grace, a woman who is planning a wedding in the town she went to high school & swore she’d never return. She is actually planning a wedding for a girl who was Ms. Popularity in high school & is being catered by the class jock she had a crush on. The story is cute and Grace realizes that she’s not the only one who’s changed since high school. The story by Anna Cleary is about Eve, the woman who worked closely with the groom and who hopes to wow him and maybe have him fall at her feet. She’s not really bad. Eve just believes she loves the groom and is surprised he proposed to somebody else. The story follows her and her plan to get the groom alone until her plans never come to fruition due to the efforts of the groom’s very sexy cousin Rainer. The sparks between the two are great. The next story, by Kelly Hunter, is about the bride’s sister Nina. Nina has been estranged from her family for about 7 years. She ran off to pursue her love of dance. At the time of her sister’s wedding she is an aerial performer at a circus. She is anxious about going home for the wedding but her co-worker and best buddy Alex offers to go with her. Along the way, Alex has some surprises for Nina – among them that he has been in love with her for quite a while. Alex is super sexy, blond, trim, athletic, British and from the home of Mr. Darcy – Derbyshire. Sigh. Very romantic story. The next story, by Ally Blake, is about Pippa. Pippa is the former high school girlfriend of the groom & former best friend of the bride. Pippa dumped the groom, turned down his proposal, and ran off right after graduating high school to have an adventure and make a name for herself. She also shared a smokin’ kiss with the groom’s older brother the night she bolted. I liked the background from Pippa’s point of view and Griff(brother of the groom)’s point of view, despite the shortness of the story. The flashbacks helped give the story more texture. There is a little epilogue at the end about the bride and groom riding off into the sunset to tie everything together.
I liked how characters from all the stories popped up in a natural way through the different stories connecting everything. Again – I loved this collection and highly recommend!

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