Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lush by Lauren Dane

Mary is a successful culinary businesswoman. She’s also one of the last single people in her circle of friends. While catering a party for her friend Gillian and her rock star hubby, Mary meets another rock star - Damien Hurley. They both feel an instant attraction. Mary wants to keep it casual since Damien is a rocker and has a reputation for hard living and being pretty wild with the ladies. She doesn’t want to think of Damien as relationship material. While Damien is famous, he has taken the wild ways down a notch. He’s been there, done that, and looking for something more. Unbeknownst to Mary, Damien starts to yearn for a serious relationship with her. He actively tries to get her to change the way she thinks of him and the possibilities of where there relationship can go. He convinces her to meet his family on their ranch and they love her & she loves them back. Other than the fame Damien and his brothers have, his family and her family are a lot alike. They both come from tight-knit, hard-working families, with loving parents who have been married for a long time. The main conflict in this story centers on Mary’s ability to deal with the hassles and jealousies that come with dating someone famous. Mary is a very strong woman and I like that she was focused on her career, but still involved and caring toward her friends and family. I also liked that she told her friends to back off when she thought they were butting in where they shouldn’t. Damien is almost too good to be true. He is very sexy but a total sweetheart with Mary and his family. Besides the great story there is a ton of hot, sweaty sex. I would like to read about Damien’s brothers in the future.

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