Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dark Dealings by Kim Knox

I hate romantic triangles in romances. However I LOVE romantic quadrangles. Specifically when two of the people involved join up to split apart the other two (who are the objects of affection) and wind up falling for each other instead. Such is the plot of Dark Dealings by Kim Knox. Reist and Fallon started a romantic relationship much to the consternation of Ava Kalle and Nahum Heyerdar. Ava has been in love with Reist, her mentor, for ages. Fallon was Heyerdar's lover before she was Reist's. Ava goes to Heyerdar with a plan to work together to split Reist & Fallon up for their own selfish romantic reasons. The plan involves some sexy dream tampering shenanigans. This makes for some very hot scenes between the two. The other main story in this book, besides the romantic story, involves tracking a murderous gang of magical thieves. Ava is a "thief". In this story, a "thief" is not what we normally consider a thief. In this world, a thief is pretty much an ultimate parasite. It's a being that not only feeds on another being's magic and life source, but feeds on flesh and bone as well. Consequently, thieves are not held in high regard. I found this story fascinating. I enjoyed the search for the bad guys and I loved the evolving relationship between Ava & Heyerdar. I was a little surprised by the revelation of Heyerdar's brother and also the big reveal at the end of Reist's true character. I was totally cheering for Ava & Heyerdar at the end. Loved how things worked out and liked seeing Heyerdar's hidden depths.

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