Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Guy Most Likely To... by Leslie Kelly, Janelle Denison, & Julie Leto

In the Leslie Kelly story, Lauren and Seth were high school sweethearts and Seth had mysteriously ditched prom and was never seen again. Lauren is angry for him pulling a no show. When reunited, Seth explains what happened to tear them apart. They find that the feelings they had then are still there today and rekindle their old love.
I got this book for the Leslie Kelly story. That one was good but my favorite story was the Janelle Denison one. In the Denison story, Will was a computer geek back in high school and Ali was a cheerleader. Will ended up tutoring Ali and they found they had a lot in common and connected. They made a date, but Will ended up calling her to cancel saying he wasn't interested anymore and avoided her for the rest of high school. Ali was and is a sweet person as well as pretty so she was very hurt by Will's supposed rejection. Years later at their reunion Will tells her what kept them apart and I loved the chemistry they share and thought they were both nice, cool people.
In the Leto story, back in high school Scott "Rip" Ripley was a wealthy bad boy. Erica was the classic good girl. One day Rip offers to tutor her and they become secret friends. Erica always wished that their relationship could have become more. When Rip first encounters Erica at their reunion it's like a scene out of the end of the movie "Grease". She teases him with her "good girl gone a little wild" act. Rip has matured and gets a thrill out of Erica's playful naughtiness, but appreciates the woman she actually is. This was a good story and I was also intrigued by the chemistry between Shaw & Kate and hope to read a story about them in the future.

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