Sunday, August 5, 2012

Devil's Honor by Debra Dier

Another great book by this author. I rated it 4.5. When his father dies, Justin finds himself instant guardian to 3 young women. All the while he was growing up, Justin felt his father's disapproval so he kind of lived to prove him right. Kind of like the My Fair Lady/Pygmalion thing - you act according to how you're treated. After his mother died, he was sent to live with just his strict abusive tutor as a parental figure. Finally his twin brother (often treated as "the good one") got word to the grandmother about what was going on and put a stop to things. It was never sexual abuse just "you're an evil hell spawn, now shut up while I lock you in the dark, nasty cellar for hours" kind of thing. Upon first meeting, Isabel is inclined to believe Justin is exactly his nickname "the Devil of Dartmoor". However that quickly changes when, not that long after meeting, he goes into a dark cave to rescue Isabel's sister - at great risk to himself and in spite of his fear of the dark (due to the past abuse). He also nurses her sisters when they get measles - even when he risks getting it himself, and he in fact does get it. I like the complex characters Dier creates. For people who read this book and like it, the author writes a book about Justin's twin Clay continuing the story.

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