Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Inconvenient Affair by Catherine Mann

This was a little bit "Catch Me If You Can" meets James Bond for me. Hillary Wright has a habit of picking lousy guys. The most recent guy she was involved with turned out to be doing some criminal activities. She is a professional, nice woman, but has just been a bad judge of men. When her boyfriend got busted, the Feds offered her immunity if she went undercover to positively ID one of her boyfriend's business partners. Troy Donovan is sent in to be her handler/bodyguard. He is devastatingly handsome, an extremely wealthy businessman, a computer genius, and occasional spy for the government. Years ago, when he was a teen, he got himself into some trouble hacking into a military database. Instead of doing hard time, he was sent to a boot camp/reform school. While there, he met some fellow young gifted bad boys, & matured. I loved the chemistry between the two. I love that Troy was entranced by Hillary's beauty right away and as he got to know her, was even more bewitched by her. I loved the way he wooed her. At no time was he a jerk in any way to her, or try to talk down to her. He always treated her with total respect & was a real sweetie. In spite of the circumstances that put the two of them together, most of the book was just them getting to know watch other and fall in love. The circumstances involving the bad guy were just frame for that. I liked that. I prefer romances that focus more on relationships as opposed to a high action/suspense storyline. This was a sweet, sexy, fun romance. I look forward to reading about Troy's buddies in future stories.


  1. Every once in a while I like to read a category romance like this. Mostly for all the reasons you enjoyed it. Many are just sweet sexy fun. Nice review!

    1. You know when I first read the description for this book I was all set to dislike the hero because I thought, given his bio he'd come off all smirking and conceited - but he was just so nice to the heroine all the time and she was his main focus. And he showed vulnerability which in small doses is always sexy. ;)