Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Worth The Risk by Charlene Sands

At the opening of the book, it’s the morning after Jackson Worth and Sammie Gold had a one night stand in Las Vegas. You are able to get the story of how that came about through his point of view and hers. Jackson Worth is a cowboy and a suave businessman. He has strong family ties and is generally a nice guy. Sammie Gold had a successful boot shop in a different state, but her boyfriend ended up stealing from her and caused her business to sink. Sammie’s best friend is married to Jackson’s brother. The friend asked Jackson to look after Sammie and encouraged them to become business partners since Jackson has more money than he knows what to do with. So now Sammie’s boot shop is located in Arizona. They had the one night stand in Vegas because they were both there for a business convention. Sammie had a little too much to drink so she doesn’t have a good memory of their night together. The morning after, she and Jackson decide to put it behind them and pretend it never happened. However, they both can’t stop thinking about it. Jackson almost has a fetish about the different sexy boots Sammie wears, but he soon is attracted by her personality as well. It’s because he was burned in the past by a former love that keeps him from recognizing and acting on his feelings for Sammie. Although the details of their last intimate encounter are a little hazy, Sammie knows that she finds Jackson super attractive, and the more she finds out about him and gets to know him, her attraction just quadruples. They also end up spending a lot of time together because of family connections, and because Jackson is a very involved and helpful business partner. Throughout the book the two of them keep breaking their pact not to get intimate again. They find the attraction between them too strong and that they just like spending time together. This was a sexy story with good characters.

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