Monday, September 17, 2012

To Tempt An Irish Rogue by Kaitlin O'Riley

Declan Reeves, Lord Cashelmore meets bookshop owner Paulette Hamilton at a very trying time in his life. He is a widower with a very young child to raise and he is under a cloud of suspicion because his late wife died in suspicious circumstances. For the sake of his daughter, he leaves the family home in Ireland and travels to England. Paulette Hamilton knows all about the importance of family, being one of many sisters. One of her passions in life is running the family bookshop, making it a success, and making plans for the opening of the location. Paulette has always said she likes fair-haired, easy going men, so when Declan walks into her shop she discards him immediately since he is a tall, dark, “Mr.Rochester” type. Her first impression is that he is too dangerous for the likes of her. However, after only a few visits to the shop, they both become enamored. She finds that despite his outward appearance and the whispers that follow him about his past, he is actually a nice, charming man and a totally devoted father. There are a lot of sweet moments in this book, and some humor, but there are also a lot of gothic elements: the late wife dying under suspicious circumstances, the young child who has not spoken since her mother’s death, clandestine meetings. This was my favorite book in this series so far. The main characters and their romance were enjoyable. The heroine’s friends and family were all helpful to the main couple. I enjoyed the relationship between Paulette and Declan’s daughter Mara. I feel like this story was a very good 2-for-1: a great romance with a mystery.

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