Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heiress Behind The Headlines by Caitlin Crews

The opening of the book is strictly from Larissa’s point of view, and what little I learned intrigued me. Larissa Whitney comes from a very wealthy family. She is portrayed in the tabloids a kind of Paris Hilton. At the start of the book she is running away, not just from her cold-hearted father, but from her reputation. For me, this book was more chick-lit than a traditional romance. This book is the story of Larissa’s journey of self-awareness. She seems to recognize what’s wrong with her life, but having been emotionally damaged for so long by her domineering father; she’s not quite sure what direction to take with her life. Jack Sutton is somebody who comes from a similar background as Larissa. Years ago they had an intimate relationship until it crashed and burned. By chance, Jack comes upon Larissa as she’s hiding out. Through the course of this book, Jack says a lot of very nasty things to Larissa. In spite of how wrong he is by saying them, I believe he says those hateful things because he sees so much of himself in Larissa. It really reflects how he feels deep down about himself. If it wasn’t for how Larissa responds to these attacks, I wouldn’t continue reading the book. One of the things I liked about this story was how off-balance she kept Jack by her retorts during their verbal sparring. I felt like she was always in control of any of their conversations, no matter how Jack acted or what he said. I also really liked how Larissa changed her life and stuck up for herself with her father on her own, without help from any man in her life. I was happy that Jack came around and changed his ways at the end, but for me this story was all about the evolution of a woman.

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